Weekend at Lynette-the-Cowgirls

This weekend I made a road trip to see Lynette-the-Cowgirl.  She lives just outside of a small town in the Texas Hill country.  In fact, this picture is the view from her front porch.

The best part of the weekend is that everything we did was relaxing.  We got pedicures in town, made a trip to a craft shop, rented a movie, ate fresh peaches from her friend's stand and vegetables from her in-laws garden.

We talked....a lot.  Sitting on her front porch in the morning and on the side porch in the evening.

When we went into the craft store we were greeted by a display of yard flamingos on sale--which made both of us burst out laughing after our adventure with the BFF's where we flamingoed the wrong yard.  
Not only was it great to hang out with one of my best friends, but it was also fun to be out of the city. 

Don't get me wrong...I love the city...but there is something energizing about being able to see stars and hear crickets.  About the way the air feels... 

And, it was really cool to see deer everywhere.  Especially the little spotted baby ones!

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