A fantastic find...

Ever since Chase took his filing cabinet which we were using as a make-shift night stand in our guest room, I've been looking for a small table to go by the bed for the lamp.  The room is only 11x11, so the table had to be small, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money for it.

The other day at Ross--while looking for a basket for our newly renovated reading room--I found this great little table that just happened to be a perfect match.

Not only did it have a black toile lining on the basket drawer, but it also had a panel on top of the table.

I dropped a pad/pen and small Bible in the drawer...just like in a real B&B.

When Bethany first moved into Chase's old room and we converted hers, I never dreamed we'd have so much use for a guest room.  But as it is, we've had a lot of fun providing a place to crash for our friends. 

The best part about a guest room?  It is almost always clean.  No clothes on the floor.  No toys strewn about.  And the bed is always made. (Which I definitely can't say about my own room!)  


Big Tea said...

Is that last part a dig at me?????

D Herrod said...

Nice. Hey can you come help decorate my new house?

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