How's that theme for the year coming?

Most of the time, I'm a 'big picture' sort of person, but this year, my focus has been on the micro. 

Part of this is Kimberly-the-Behavior-Therapist's fault.  She had me participate in her research project which looked at life in 30 minute increments.  My big epiphany was that if you start logging what you do every 30 minutes of every day, you find that most every day is exactly the same.  It doesn't feel the same because the conversations are so different, but the type of activities that you engage in on a daily basis are actually shockingly homogenous. 

Most of us drive to work at the same time each day.  Answer e-mail at the same time.  Eat at the same times (and often the same types of food).  Brush our teeth at the same times.  Watch TV...yada, yada.

Kimberly's point with the project is that if we really want to experience change in our life, it starts with changing what we do with the 30 minute blocks.

In January, I never make resolutions.  Instead I pick a theme for the year.  This year, the theme is "daily."  When I chose that, I assumed I would make some changes that would influence the rest of the year.  But what I've found is that I'm in an endless loop of trying things and haven't found something that clicks. (Yeah, I'm hyper-aware that it is August.)

Part of the change I want to affect is about the physical...juicing, working out, etc.  Part is personal goals...writing, painting, staying connected with friends and family.  And part is spiritual....spending time in contemplative prayer, gratitude, etc.

This year, for my "week as" vacation, I'm living my life as a yogi.  Hours of practice each day, raw vegan foods, time spent in contemplative prayer.  My hope is that I'll come away with my daily practices in place. The ones that carry through way beyond the week and well throughout the years...

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D Herrod said...

Thinks for the idea of a theme for the year. Mine is "Make a Difference". Haven't blogged about it because I've been busy trying to make a difference. Anyway don't know how well I'm doing but last week 10 from a voluntary literacy program I help graduated with GEDs.

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