A Pavlovian problem

I am finding these days that I have a rather unusual and inconvenient problem.  You see for five years I drove my Scion, which beeped when it was down to a 1/4 tank of gas to remind me to fill up.  Beep. Fill up. Beep. Fill up. No beep. No fill up.

However my new car--my Toyota--has no such feature and I have been so trained by the Scion to wait for the beep that I have RUN OUT OF GAS THREE TIMES IN FIVE WEEKS.

The first time was actually pretty scary.  I was somewhere between here and Kerrville on a country road in 100 degree heat and when I realized I was below E I saw a billboard that said the next gas station was eight miles.

The second time John was driving and we actually ran out of gas on the highway.  In what could only be classified as a miracle, the engine died at the top of a bridge and we coasted down an exit on the other side through a break in traffic, into the parking lot of a gas station and stopped at the pump.

Last night, I got in my car after work and it did that little gasping thing cars do when there is no gasoline.  Luckily John was available and came for the rescue with a gas can.

I have a call into my friend Kimberly-the-Behavioral-Therapist for her idea on a counter-Pavlovian methodology, but I am definitely open to suggestions below.


Bruce Campbell said...

Sorry, I don't really have any helpful suggestions. Perhaps once you get used to the car a bit more you can pick a day and just fill up that day. That won't help much if you go on a trip ect. Do be careful this heat is so extreme you don't want to get stuck in such extreme temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Kimberly Kelly suggested putting an alarm on my cell phone to check it--which I did.

I'm with you...I have NO desire to be walking miles in 100+ degrees.

The crazy thing to me is that the Scion is a Toyota product. Seems like the Corolla should have a beep.

Jane Lorenzen said...

I used to fill up every Sunday, whether I had a quarter of a tank or three quarters of a tank. I never had to look at the gas gauge unless I was on a road trip.

randomcathy.com said...


I think that is a good idea. Train myself to fill up on a certain day of the week.

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