My Week as a Yogi | Day Five - Sunrise Yoga

For me, there is nothing better than yoga outdoors.  So this morning, I scrambled out of bed to make it to Arbor Hills before the sun rose. By the time I was at the best viewpoint, I was fully awake and got to go through sun salutations literally in time to meet the sun.

From my vantage point, I could hear the Tollway traffic, but couldn't see it. It was an odd juxtaposition between the audible reminder of my usual mornings and hearing the sounds of how the natural world sort of wakes up slowly.

I took a blanket so I could sit in meditation, but mostly it turned out to be a string of disjointed prayers for different people in my life and a deep sense of gratitude for the beauty of the world and for the time to simply enjoy it.

Tonight, I get to go to a class at my normal yoga studio.  Now that I've 'test driven' a couple of others, I've found there's really not a better fit for me.  Not to sound too 'yogi' but the energy feels nicer.  When people talk about the 'energy' of a place, they are usually talking about the way it makes them feel.  And Rescue Yoga feels comfortable and welcoming. So somehow, I just have to figure out the schedule stuff.

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