My week as a yogi | Day One

The raw food thing is interesting.  Eating at Bliss last night actually helped a lot. We sat at the bar and watched them make the dishes--and suddenly the recipes I'd been reading without really understanding clicked. I got it. 

For the most part, you choose the vegetables based on texture, and flavor with sauces made from ingredients like garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and spices.  "Meats" are created from soaked nuts mixed with spices and "breads" are created from dehydrated seed meals.  (Theoretically, you don't need an expensive dehydrator and can try it in your oven, but I followed the instructions and it was a total disaster.  So, no 'breads' for me this week.)

I'm working from two cookbooks:  Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials and Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw Food Made Easy.  So this morning for breakfast, I had diced apples with soaked chia seeds and pumpkin pie spice.  And for lunch, a taco meat made from raw sunflower seeds served in lettuce shells and avocado sauce.  And all of it was surprisingly delicious and much easier than I thought to make.

Tonight, I went to a restorative yoga class at Blue Anjou.  The instructor, Tom, was really good.  I've missed my classes at my normal studio because I haven't been able to make the schedules work. Blue Anjou has a few later options, so I'm test driving their 10 classes for $10 deal this week. Perfect timing for my 'week as a yogi.'  

Tomorrow...tree yoga! I can't wait. 

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deb driscoll said...

Coolest way to have a working vacation. But seriously a Yogi? From what I've learned, a Yogi is one who is a master at Yoga and has experienced the oneness of all life. Pretty big career! :) i wish you luck and um by the way, would love to know more about that $10 for 10 yoga classes thing!

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