My Week as a Yogi | Day Three - Raw Food Experiments

You've gotta love Craigslist for being able to find things you want at a price you are willing to pay.  In my case, I got an Excalibur 5-tray Dehydrator so I could kick it up a notch on the raw food cuisine.

After three days of eating this way it is interesting.  For one thing, it is oddly satisfying.  The textures and flavors are varied.  More than that, the food is sooooo pretty.  The colors are vibrant. It looks very gourmet.  But the learning curve is high.  It is a whole new way of thinking so preparation seems to take forever because I have to read the recipes and go step-by-step.

Since it was Tuesday, Nancy and I decided to keep our weekly breakfast date, but instead of our usual Bic's, Nancy popped by my house to be my guinea pig for a full-out raw breakfast.  For the past few days, I've simply done sliced fruit with soaked chia seeds as 'cereal' but this morning I made: raw banana crepes filled with nectarines, kiwi and a bit of cashew cream and campari tomatoes filled with basil and a cashew cheese made in the food processor with lemon juice and garlic.

I mentioned before that 'breads' are made in the dehydrator. Most have the same formula fruit/vegetable base + flax seed meal + water.   The flax seed when mixed with water creates the binding agent much like eggs do in non-vegan cuisine.  Last night, in preparation for Nancy's and my breakfast I blended bananas, flax seed meal and water in my blender and poured it across the dehydrator tray.  It was supposed to go for six hours, but I planned on sleeping, so John used our Christmas light timer so we could 'pull the plug' at the right time.  The result this morning was a crepe like 'bread' that is flexible and sweet.

I also made corn tortillas which are a blend of fresh corn, flax seed meal a few spices and water.

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NancyJ said...

I can was beautiful, DELICIOUS, filling and satisfying all morning!! Being a guinea pig has its advantages!!!

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