My Week as a Yogi | Day Two - Tree Yoga

September is Yoga month and it isn't unusual to find studios offering free classes on Labor Day.  I've heard a lot about 'tree yoga' recently, and when Heather-the-Hippie-Chick suggested we try it...I was in.

The idea behind TreeYoga is that it is a way to take your yoga practice into nature. And after all, trees are probably the strongest most beautiful stretching partner you can find. (I say this only because John isn't into yoga at

Tree Yoga is the concept of Hal Pruessner--a former Army ranger and marathon runner whose son got him into yoga.  Hal said he was a big believer from his Army days in equipment and that coupled with a childhood spent in trees all gelled together in his brain to come up with the concept.

The 'tree yoga' folks do workshops all over the Metroplex and if you check their website you can probably find them somewhere near you.  If not, you can order your own tree harness at complete with DVD.

I cannot possibly describe how fun it was. (And yes, a harness is totally on my Christmas list!)

Heather-the-Yogi was able to pose much more elegantly than I was.  Her inverted full lotus was really cool, but our harness was really close to the guy next to us, so we all laughed a lot as we tried not to get wires tangled.

I was able to do the inversions too but the photos aren't EVEN getting posted here.  So awkward!

Since I'm eating raw this week and Heather happens to be doing a cleanse, Bliss fit the bill for lunch.  We had a spicy linguine made from zucchini noodles and red pepper.  And the greek pizza--which was just as awesome as it was on Saturday.  I so have to learn to make it!!!

This time we sat outside.  The patio at Bliss is very pretty and with the gorgeous weather today it was a wonderful place for lunch.

In the afternoon, Heather went out to teach a class and I made a purchase off CraigsList.  But more on that tomorrow when I learn how it all turns out...

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