My Week As...a Yogi

Each year, I take the week of Labor Day off on vacation to live my life as I would if I had no other responsibilities.  In previous years I've lived my life as a novelist, an artist, a stay-at-home-mom (complete with baking and gardening) and last year as an interior designer.

This year, I'm living my "week as" vacation as a yogi. The idea behind it is a full week devoted to aligning mind, body and spirit through healthy food and yoga.

Today is 'Day One' which involves meal planning as I learn this new cuisine and a trip to Whole Foods to get supplies (if you are curious, John is grilling steaks to go along with whatever 'raw' dishes I make this week).

The idea behind 'raw foods' is that food in its natural state is what was designed to feed us.  So, an apple is perfect fuel for the human body.  Heat it and make applesauce and it loses its enzymes.  Pasteurize and put it in a plastic container so it can sit on a grocery store shelf, and it loses more and picks up some of the plastic.  Use chemicals to make a sour apple Jolly Rancher and we've totally lost the plot.

Date night tonight is to an art gallery for the "This is True" exhibit and Blisse...the raw foods cafe in Dallas. (To which Dan-the-Pixel-Man said...'your night to pick...right?')

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