One of the things I love about this man...

While in Washington DC, John and I went through the Air and Space Museum.  The walk had been long and the visual input intense (it is really overwhelming to go from Wright Brothers to Skylab in the space of a few feet), so we bought ice cream bars from a vendor and sat down for a minute.  We found a shady spot just outside a multi-story window where we could see the display of rockets.

As we sat talking, our conversation went deep (as frequently happens with us because we both think a lot....maybe too much...but I digress).  Anyway, I told John how interesting it was to me the things we know about God outside of any scriptural text simply through creation.  For example, relationship is part of the structure.  Mothers and fathers have children and there are strong bonds in those relationships.  Also, the 'man in the moon' is smiling.  (I think that is a kindness on God's part.  Can you imagine if the moon was scowling at us all the time?)  You should probably note that John raised an eyebrow on that point.

Then I said, and God is big.  

John replied, that isn't necessarily so. 

What?! Of course He has to be big.  Remember the flannel board image of hands holding a globe? He actually had to make all of this.  

Again with the raised eyebrow, John held his hand out to indicate the huge building we were sitting next to with the rockets, then motioned to himself and me.


I'm not sure why, but one of the things I love about John is that he often has thoughts that never would have occurred to me.  And as it turns out, I like being surprised by ideas.

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