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I've wanted a fire pit for as long as I can remember; however, I haven't wanted to pay that much for something that would likely rust out. (Or worse, that I would never use like so much exercise equipment.)

So, when John removed a tree stump from the middle of our yard on Saturday I asked if he could just keep digging.  I relocated the stones that defined a flowerbed where the Knockout Roses, had exploded with growth and concealed them anyway and ringed the pit to give it definition. Then, we lined the hole with two bags of playsand and three bags of ground granite.

The result was our own backyard firepit.  We tested it out with Peter-the-Pilot and Nancy-the-Insightful last night.  Luckily Peter had been a Boy Scout and actually knew how to build a fire.  (I had looked it up on WikiHow, but my attempt was unsuccessful.)

Once the fire got going it was really nice. We even roasted  hot dogs and marshmallows.  (My marshmallows were perfect....all melty on the inside and toasted brown on the outside.)  Peter told us if we were going to keep this up, we would have to buy a dutch oven and keep ingredients for s'mores.  You know what?  We just might.

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Big Tea said...

Just wanted to point out that I was NOT at home for the starting of the fire..I would have gotten it going no matter how much gasoline it took.

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