Growing and Becoming

I used to think that growth was a direct result of adversity, but now I'm not so sure it is that clear of a formula.

After all, everyone suffers adversity.  No matter how perfect a life may look from the outside, no one gets an easy one.  The trials are different for each one of us, but all of us have disappointment, pain and heartbreak...physical, mental or emotional suffering.

And yet some people grow, and some just don't.  You know the ones that don't.  The people they were at 20 are the people they are at 40 seemingly spending their lives making the same mistakes over, and over, and over.

There is something in us that chooses whether or not we grow. And I'm pretty sure it is not about gathering our collective chutzpa and powering through.  I think it is more subtle than that.

Growth requires humility and openness.  A willingness to let pain work in us.  Without blaming, but with a healthy anger. Without resignation, but working through grief.  Growth gives us perspective. It allows us to see the world in a more real way than we did before.

And like wildflowers breaking through rock, it makes for beautiful resilient people.

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