Most random 24-hours ever

I am pretty sure the whole thing started with a decision to download "Pocket Frogs" for the iPhone.  Yes, I am fairly certain this is the butterfly effect that set all other events in motion.

You see it seems to be a rather innocent game.  You have pet frogs (really, really cute pet frogs)  and then you have to take them out to the pond and skip them around so they can eat bugs.  I'm still unsure why exactly I spent hours trying to take my little frogs from 15% happy to 100% happy, but that is exactly what I did. Which meant, that I actually didn't get to bed until almost three pm last night.  (Combination adrenaline from delayed flight/upcoming presentation, unusual sounds in the hotel and trying to keep cute frogs happy.)

That wouldn't have been so bad, except I didn't turn off my 6 am alarm.  (Even though my first meeting wasn't until 11:30). And I never really got back to sleep after that.

In case you didn't know, I'm in Atlanta.  I love Atlanta.  Everything about it.  The weather, the scenery, the people.  Especially the people.

So even sleep deprived, the day was pretty good.  The session I presented went really well.  No tech glitches.  Lack of a mic and short projector cord solved well ahead of time.  There were tons of people in the audience and they engaged with questions.  I got lots of good feedback afterwards. (It makes you feel amazing when people tell you you are good at something you are passionate about.)

So, something you should know about Atlanta...besides scenery, weather and people my favorite restaurant on the planet is in Atlanta:  Cafe Sunflower, and every trip here is carefully arranged to get to eat every meal possible at this heaven on earth.  The idea was that after my presentation, I would gather up friends and a few new acquaintances and introduce them to the joy that is Cafe Sunflower.

However, I had no takers.  The minute I added the detail that it was a vegan restaurant they were out. (Wimpy little bunnymen...all).  So, my colleague Jeff took pity on me and decided he would go.  We went to the parking garage to get the rental car and whoa....smashed window and a note on the front wiper to go see the desk.

Apparently 40+ cars were broken into at the hotel parking garage in the middle of the night. (Jeff and I had walked to the conference and were unaware.)  So a police report, time spent with Hertz, tow truck and back to the airport to get a new car.  (Note that Pocket Frogs came in handy during the waiting times.) Some three hours later, i'm finally on my way to Cafe Sunflower (at 9:10) and call ahead.

"What time do you close?"


"Please, please don't close!  (Brief description of day minus pocket frogs ensues.)  I'll eat anything.  Whatever you pack.  Just let me get there." 

As it turned out, I wasn't far away and arrived in time to have the most amazing tomato soup and "Garden Loaf" which was composed of herbed mashed potatoes, perfectly grilled asparagus, a sliced spring roll and a vegan salsbury steak with miso gravy. Mmmmmm....  And the coconut cake was even better than I remembered.

So, the perfect ending to a very weird day....and now here I am back at the hotel blogging instead of sleeping. Something I plan to remedy right this moment because tomorrow's first meeting is at 8am.

I'm pretty desperate for sleep.  Luckily it is easy to sleep when your tummy is full. (Of course, I can't say the same for the pocket frogs who are probably at only 15% happy since they haven't had any bugs now for awhile.)

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