You never get to pick who you sit next to on a plane.  For example, on my last flight I was supposed to sit next to a man whose frame encroached into my space and he smelled really dreadful. I was lucky to get to change seats...(could probably start a rant here about airlines putting too many people in too small a space or annoyance at the man for putting me in a position to have to be rude because he didn't observe common hygiene courtesy, but my whining posts are always lame, so luckily I'm not going there...)

This time was a perfectly lovely experience.  I sat next to Margo, a beautiful woman from Idaho with a kind heart. The flight to Atlanta simply flew by as if no time had passed at all.  Like having coffee with a good friend.

It is interesting how you can talk about everything and nothing with someone you've only just met. How sometimes spirits meet imago Dei to imago Dei.

Margo, wherever you are out there, I hope you made your flight.  (And that you actually got to sleep in Savannah without having to make a further drive!)

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