The older I get the more I believe that every motive, passion and action is driven in pursuit of love. 

Some of this is beautiful...gifts given, beauty appreciated, art revealing things unseen, simple joy.  And some is manipulative....criticism, anger, giving to get, pursuing another person because you like the way they make you feel about yourself.

A third response is by those who've given up on ever being loved. Depression, addiction to things that anesthetize the pain, suicide....

What would our lives be like if we woke every morning sensing that the one who made us loves us?  Not in a cold, impersonal way. (Like the way you might 'love' spinach because it is good for you.) But in a deep, passionate, want-to-be-with-you sort of way.  

What if our flaws--both real and imagined--were irrelevant? What if they are simply a temporary condition of the fallen world we live in and there is a plan unfolding to heal them?  What if these flaws don't make us unlovable?

How would this change the universe?

Could we more deeply love others because it would be in abundance? Would we be less driven to craft the world in a way that suits our own needs because our deep need for love would be met?  Would we stop trying to manipulate to make our friends fit a mold to meet our own 'shoulds' and let their flaws be irrelevant?

I think there is something to this being mindful of love.  Not as something we have to manufacture to give others, but as something already out there that we can open to and receive.  Until we are full of being loved, we have nothing to give.

Being 'nice' is fake. Real love is passion.

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