My lunch today...

I recently purchased a new cookbook that has re-inspired me on bento lunches.

Makiko Itoh's Just Bento Cookbook is focused on "grown up" lunches.  The first one I made was the one on the cover of the book, then today I did a slight variation using things I had at home including vegan 'meat' balls with sweet/sour sauce, roasted beetroot, colored bell peppers and steamed rice.

I'm really enjoying the small rectangular Pyrex dish with lid for bentos.  They pack nicely and are easily heated up in the microwave with the lid removed.  I even tie them up bento-style in a bandanna with the silverware and either a box of raisins or soup packet enclosed.

The best part of Makiko Itoh's book (besides the delicious, easy food) is the timelines. She outlines what to do when in cooking and assembling across a 20-minute timetable.

Bentos are designed to be ready-to-eat without any preparation.  And it is fun to sit down in the middle of a hectic day to something that is pretty and appetizing.

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D Herrod said...

Looks yummy

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