My Year in 10 Images - 2010

A couple of years ago I did a photo album for Nancy-the-Insightful that captured her year in 10 images.  I decided for 2010, I would do the same for myself....

Our house saw 9 in. of snow in February.  A first for this Texas girl.

I went to my very first yoga retreat.

It was the year of graduations...Jordan, Elissa, and Bethany.
John took me to see the places he grew up in New Mexico.

Had lunch with my parents at Olive Garden for all major 'parent' holidays.

Chase got a tattoo. (He sent me this image on my cell phone)

Crosspointe got it's new space!

Chase and Bethany moved into a new apartment together in Denton.

John and I spent a weekend in DC.  Gary was the best field guide ever!
We lost our Casey.  Puppy-sitting for Bethany's Mia, helped it not feel so empty.

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