Of Villains...

There is nothing more dangerous than a villain who believes that their cause is just.

I read those words on Tim Hill's blog this morning.

It struck me as true.  We can do all manner of wrong things if we believe our cause is just.  Lying, manipulation, divorce, theft, slander, abuse...

While none of us [Christians] would ever go on record as saying we believe the end justifies the means, unfortunately that is often our practice.

I wonder why we have such a hard time embracing the power of faith, hope and love? Why we don't believe that those are the most amazing super-powers in the galaxy? 

I think the secret is that we don't like to wait. And the villain's tools allow us the illusion of control over the timeline. In our own first-person perspective, we see ourselves as just...perfectly capable of determining and meeting out justice.  Yet, curiously, we hate to be judged.  And when we are, we cry out for mercy.

What would the world be if we took the hero's road even when we didn't understand it and couldn't be sure of the outcome?

One thing is for sure, there would be far fewer left wounded and bleeding from misappropriated acts by villains who believed their cause was just.

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