And speaking of adventures...

John and Bethany have been in Uganda for the past two weeks helping out with the Uganda Children's Project.  The goal of the Uganda Children's Project is to make sure that impoverished children receive an education.  For many of these kids a barrier to entering school is the cost of shoes that are part of the required uniform--about a month's wage.

The project raises money all year, then distributes the shoes in January before the term begins.  Bethany and John went to fit kids with shoes.

While you can read more details on John's blog...from my point of view some of the coolest stories he's told me chatting on Facebook have to do with the kids themselves.  John and Bethany were able to meet Isaac--a young man we sponsor in high school who wants to be an engineer.  They also met other children in the program.  Grace is the 'feet on the ground' for the project in Uganda.  She always has children around her.

Bethany and John also wrote about the incredible beauty of the country. Of the lush foliage and how green everything was.

All I know is that I'm glad they are coming home today.  And though I'll miss puppy-sitting, Mia, it will be really great to have my husband back.  

I've missed him.

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