On Lies...

Lies--especially social ones--are considered okay. They are a tool for navigating awkward social situations. And, 'so I don't hurt someone's feelings.'

My theory is that lies are rarely altruistic.  More than that, the danger in lies--even the small ones--is that they create a false reality.

This creation of a false reality is a form of manipulation. The way another person feels about you (how kind they think you are, how faithful they think you are, how good they think you are) is based on the lie. Worse, the false reality always touches the liar too and warps their own perception so that they see themselves as kinder, more faithful, better...

I think the real danger is that people make decisions based on the false reality. At best it is manipulation.  At worst, it is fraud.

Walking in truth requires us to be honest with ourselves--which I believe is the only way growth can happen. If not, we spend way too much energy shoring up the illusion.

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