Perception of Togetherness

I find that I become encouraged or discouraged based on whether I feel like I am in something with a team or if I am flying solo.

For example, if I feel like I'm the only one cleaning the house, the only one showing up on time to a meeting I care about, the only one who is passionate about learning something new, then I start to feel discouraged.

However, if I get help from others on tasks that are primarily my responsibility, am working for causes with passionate people alongside me and am connected with groups who are excited about ideas I'm excited about, then I feel encouraged.

I find my energy--which is at most times very high--is extremely influenced by a sense of togetherness.

One of the reasons I like my day job so much, enjoy ArtLoveMagic, adore the yoga studio, and think our RDFL people are so cool is that all of them are groups of people with the energy created by pursuing common goals and the support that comes from helping each other pursue them.

The thing is, this theme isn't a "church" concept.  It is a life concept.

I just finished Keith Ferrazzi's book, Never Eat Alone.  One of the key points of the book is that he discovered how his success was integrally linked to how much those around him succeeded.  He detailed his own career mistakes in pursuing his own success without regarding others, then how that shifted when he started to focus on making everyone around him successful.

I do find, there are times when I am solo.  And if I am in a group singularly pursuing a goal, then either the goal is wrong or the group is wrong. (I've had instances of both.)

The weird thing is that it is the small events that create the coming home to find John did the dishes or having Nancy-the-Insightful spend a day helping me on a project that is important to me.  I hope I'm creating those perceptions for the people in my world too.


NancyJ said...

The theme of my life!! Thanks for putting it in words!!

Courtney said...

"Its a life thing." Well said! Perception is reality...

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