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One of John's and my joys is something called RDFL.  It's an acronym short for "Rent's Due Free Lunch."  It started as a conversation between Kimberly-the-Behavioral-Therapist, Christy-Incognito and I.  (Note that Christy works with high-profile clients which means she keeps a low-profile on the internet...thus the nickname.)

The idea was that the way you get to know people is by hanging out with them.  And in the early stages...before the 'drop by for no reason' stage...that costs money. hit me that feeding a bunch of people isn't really all that expensive. And that is how RDFL began.

We invited young people--who are usually underemployed--to come to our house and hang out the first Sunday of the month.  We serve a 'like mom would make' meal (with a vegetarian option) and everyone eats for free.

This Sunday, the RDFL crowd surprised us with something out of the ordinary. You see, as it turns out RDFL is now an actual, real thing.  It has a star named after it! Nikki-the-Lurker took care of the framing and had everyone sign it with a very 'star' like gold pen.

For any of the RDFL people reading this, your creativity is amazing.  And--as you know--you didn't have to.  Which makes the gift even that much cooler!

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lownote67 said...

"Christy-incognito". I like it.

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