Theme for 2011

Each year, I come up with a theme for the year.

At first, this started our as a silly exercise. (For example, one year I reminded my family all year long that the theme was that it was all about me.) But somewhere along the line, it became serious. I gave up New Year's resolutions and started focusing on a theme.

Recently I ran across a CD of John Eldridge speaking at Catalyst. I remember that when I heard him live, I was so inspired that there was a subtle shift in my trajectory.

During the talk, a phrase stood out to me as particularly true.  Life is not a problem to be solved. It is an adventure to be lived. 

We can become so caught up in our own structure, that we forget that our story is being written as we live it. There is hope. There is possibility. What we choose and what we do matters. As I was thinking about themes and adventure, they intersected with another idea...the thought that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

What if love is the secret to the adventure?

Not romantic butterflies love, but the love that Jesus modeled.  Unconditional. Sacrificial.

So, in keeping with my practice I have a theme for 2011:  Live the adventure.

In my mind this isn't about jumping off cliffs or traveling to unknown places but the idea of living open. Of putting away fear. Of giving love access so that the adventure is within reach.

2011, you are going to be a beautiful year.

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D Herrod said...

Like the theme.

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