I am a big believer that everyone has a creative spark inside.  It may not be for drawing or painting, but if we are made in the image of God and God created the universe, then somehow that creator DNA translates.

Both my SIL and BIL are writers and actors, so it isn't surprising that all four of their daughters have been encouraged to develop their creative spark, which is why it was really cool that I had the opportunity to take my nieces, Sydney and Taylor to ArtLoveMagic's Underground show this weekend.

One of the things that makes ArtLoveMagic events special is that the artists are there creating live and there are opportunities for attendees to participate.  Both Sydney, Taylor and Taylor's boyfriend, Forrest added to the collaborative art piece.  And, because the artists were there they had the opportunity to ask questions about different processes.  (Sydney and I watched a body painter for a long time because the whole technique was really original and interesting.)

Afterwards we were too hyped up on coffee to go home, so we popped into Spiral Diner--an awesome vegan restaurant--for desserts.  Sydney wasn't crazy about the mint sundae, but my oatmeal cookie and Taylor's smoothie were fantastic.

Taylor also taught us how to fold a dollar bill into a shirt--which I'm pretty sure she placed in the tip jar.

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