Meet Pepper

This is Pepper.  My last experience left me gun-shy about getting a rescue, so John looked at Craigslist.  Craigslist doesn't sell dogs in the classifieds, but they do have a 'pets' community where people post information on dogs they are trying to rehome.  There were no collie listings, so we started looking at Aussies.

Australian Shepherds have many of the same characteristics we wanted in a collie, and we were excited to find a family with a litter of tri-colored ones.

We met at the Petco in Rockwall and the minute I took her in my arms, I was delighted.  She is soft and cuddly like a real life teddy bear.  Not only that, but her owners have had and shown Aussies for the past 30 years, so though she has no papers, she is full Aussie and they had even given her first two rounds of shots, and gave us some advice on training her. (Their daughter even typed me up a sheet with her birthdate, details on the shots and other things to give to our vet...which I really appreciated.)

Toby and Lucky are doing fine with her, and Mia--who we puppysat while Bethany was at work-- kept trying to get her to play. At bedtime, Pepper cried when we put her in the kennel.  After a few tries, I figured out that if I placed the kennel where she could see me, she was cool with it. 

Today will be a quiet day.  I have a sore throat and cough, so I don't plan to leave my bed today except to go to restorative yoga (which is a good practice when you aren't feeling well).  John's superbowl plans are well underway and Pepper is just hanging out curled beside me chewing on a rawhide. 

I did try to get some additional pictures, but most of them turned out like this. 

She was curious about the camera!


Melissa Pellegrin said...

Pepper is a real cutie. I think you will enjoy the Aussie. My friend, Laurie, has 3 - Starbuck, Mocha, and Kona. They are a blast and very well behaved. I am looking forward to hearing more about your new "baby."

D Herrod said...

Very cute.

lownote67 said...

She is adorable. One of Boo's favorite friends at the White Rock dog park was an Aussie; the energy and personality go well with huskies.

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