Not good enough...

It's a discouraging thing to be told you are not good enough.

John and I went through the process of trying to adopt a dog through a rescue organization and received this note today. "Thank you so much for inquiring with our organization. Based on your past vet records and information and discussing it with our Board of Directors we will not be able to place one of our dogs into your home."

The process was strange. I was asked if I had ever poisoned a dog or hit one with a vehicle on purpose. I know it sounds naïve, but the thought had never entered my mind that was even possible.

Yet, here I am. In the same column as dog poisoners and people too cruel to think about.
Worse, the dog who would have been cuddled, loved and celebrated all of its life remains in rescue.

I think I need a good cry….


Erin Bloggs-Brady said...

That is so STUPID! Makes me REALLY angry!! People are such idiots! What the hell! (Sorry!) At least you HAVE vet records to give them - how many people actually would be able to cough those up!

Heather said...

They are absolutely nuts. I am so sorry you don't get to rescue this precious animal. You would make the best home for it.

Happy said...

seriously - that's nuts. i am so sorry, Cathy. :(

Melissa Pellegrin said...

Do not let that get you down. There are other rescues out there that need good parents such as John and yourself. I remember when I adopted Bo. I think that since he had such medical issues and the rescue had money problems, they were willing to let him come to me. Do not lose faith - there are other rescues.

Ashley said...

Awhhh... I know the feeling. Once upon a time I was a single girl going thru the adoption process for the Dallas SPCA. They thought I would surrender the dog once I found a boyfriend. It was crazy! I'm so sorry.. Try the Dallas SPCA. Dog and Kitty City near downtown? Just because one rescue group is crazy doesn't mean they all will be.

D Herrod said...

That is just so odd that they won't let you have the dog. Was there a specific dog you wanted to adopt?

I don't know why someone would poison a dog. When I was a kid our crazy neighbor poisoned 2 of our dogs and then taunted me about it. I was about 10.

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