On having a sense of mission...

Some people simply seem to know where they are going.  And--maybe more importantly--where they are not going.

And while those of us raised in the US are often told in school that "we can grow up to be anything...including president," I wonder if it isn't really about that. I wonder if it is more about learning who it is you really are, then going the places and doing the things that you are uniquely equipped to do.

Oh, I believe there are different flavors of that.  We all have different circumstances...things we cannot change.  However having a sense of mission can influence our satisfaction with our circumstances and can give us purpose allowing us to move forward in life.

Developing a sense of mission is a practice.  Pausing and choosing instead of reacting. Aligning your life to the high goals.  Believing that others have value and purpose too.

No matter what the intangibles, I am always drawn to people living their lives intentionally. Maybe it is because they inspire me to be missional too.

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