Tangible tokens of affection

As much as people talk about Valentines day as being a "manufactured holiday to sell greeting cards," the reality is that there is something powerful in tangible tokens of affection.  This doesn't just have to be between lovers, it can also be gifts of friendship, hugs from family members or words of affirmation from co-workers.

We need things that we can "see."  Tangible proof that we are loved and have value.

Giving these gifts can be tricky, because it is never about the amount spent, but it is almost always about how well the other person knows you.  (For example, if I had woken up this morning to a book on grilling I would have started to question how well my husband knew me.)

Having a day that reminds us to tangibly show the people closest to us that we love them is actually really cool.
Happy Valentines Day.

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