The Hidden Dangers of Tree Yoga

Relax Into Yoga's retreat was wonderful.  It was really lovely to do yoga outside. It was also a great opportunity to bring my tree yoga harness.  After several unsucessful attempts to find just the right tree we found one that was perfect.  I slung the tree sling over a branch and secured it, then started to climb in when suddenly the branch above began to move. 

It took me a moment to realize that it wasn't a branch at all, but a giant bark-colored snake. I jumped out very quickly and honestly if the sling hadn't been so expensive, I would have abandoned it.  Fortunately, Lorna's family owned a pet shop when she grew up and she had no fear of reptiles so she got the sling back down.

After a couple of "snake" nighmares last night I went online to figure out what I'd seen.  Just a Texas rat snake.  Huge, but non-venomous.  And very, very creepy.

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Happy said...

LOL. Oh, my gosh, Cathy - I would have screamed and not stopped screaming for ages. WOW. And to think I was spooked by the two-foot snake I almost stepped on while I was out walking Saturday! Eeek. Very glad for you that it was non-dangerous snake, and that you were able to get your sling back! I'm not sure how you recover from an experience like that, but I hope you do! :) Tree yoga sounds fun - when it's snakeless.

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