The beautiful and the ugly coexist.

Devastation in Japan. Peace in Dallas, Texas.

Loss for the grieving. Joy for those holding a puppy.

Struggling to buy food.  Having enough to pick up a new rug for the guest room.

There is no code. No formula to be cracked to make sure you are on one side rather than the other.

It simply is.  Simultaneously.

What if we stopped looking for ways to manage and acknowledged our utter lack of control over circumstances?  What if we let go of our fear and liberated our ability to respond? What if we allowed Something bigger than ourselves to flow through us to bear witness to suffering, share joy, and offer resources when we have them?

As much as we want all to be beautiful, it simply isn't.  And surprisingly, that doesn't dim the parts that are, but rather it shows them off more fully in sharp relief.

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LSF said...

The juxtaposition can be so hard to accept, especially when other people's suffering is so easily witnessed. I have to keep reminding myself that the stunning footage I'm seeing on TV is real, is human... That house washing out to sea is someone's home and that they have lost everything.

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