The Sabbath Experiment

Magical-David last week challenged us on Sabbath--as in actually doing it. (I really appreciated that he shared it is something he struggles with.)

So, John and I decided that for the next two months, we are doing it.  A whole 24 hours just spent enjoying.  From sundown on Saturday evening until sundown on Sunday (pragmatically 6pm to 6pm) we will "rest from our work" and accomplish nothing.

And boy, does it take a lot of preparation to be able to do this.  We had to go grocery shopping on Friday night, get all the laundry done, wrap a baby shower gift, wash the dog, clean the carpet, prep this blog post, plan meals for Sunday that we can just grab with no cooking (translation: frozen and microwavable)... In fact, I finished my 2.5 hour per weekend freelance gig just in the nick of time.

My guess is that as we get used to this, it will become easier.  I know one thing, the day of rest was absolutely beautiful.

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Happy said...

AWESOME. Good for you! :)

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