Artist Trading Cards and Such

Ever since Robin-the-Artist introduced me to the idea of Artist Trading Cards, I've been a fan.  The idea is that the art is small and mailable.  It is a way to share little pieces of your creative spark and to receive them from others.  (I even saw Robin leave one once for a waitress that was really great when we went to dinner.) Artist Trading Cards or ATC's can say a lot about the person who sends them.

The "rules" for artist trading cards are simple.  The piece must be 3.5 x 2.5 and mailable; and ATC's must be traded and never sold.

Our groups usually run for six months with each month having a theme.  For me, the creative discipline of having to produce a deliverable on a deadline is a healthy challenge. On the receiving side, seeing a simple theme interpreted in so many different ways is inspiring. This month's theme is: botanical.

My entry was done with walnut inks (yes, I am allergic...just careful not to touch), fine glitter and alcohol ink in a spray bottle and wax pencils.  Because ATC's are small and because you have to produce them every month, it allows for a lot of "play" and experimentation--which in the end winds up making you a better artist.

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