Getting to what things should be...

I was sitting in a chair this morning thinking it was interesting that God created dogs. More importantly, that God created something that would spark the kinds of relationships we have with our dogs. A four-legged friend is an awesome experience.

Then I thought about the idea that when we are born, we are put into families. When working as designed, families are amazing things. Connection on an emotional, relational and physical level. Creation of a home...your own safe place filled with things you like, and a place where you can be greeted with warmth and the smell of good food when you've been out slaying dragons all day.

What does it say about God that He created the world in just this way? (Set aside the times when it all goes dreadfully wrong, and think about what could be.)

If love is truly the greater power, then what can we do to wield that power? To allow love shape the world immediately around us into a place where love thrives? I don't think this is a mission of our will, but a mission of being open. Of letting our defenses crumble and being willing to be hurt. What if the greatest power in the world is accessible to us only through openness and surrender? Could we do that? Could we really believe that "love wins"--not with an eye to a global scale, but simply in our own backyard?

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