Pursuit vs. Construction

I finished Tony Brown's Poseranity this weekend.  I really like Tony's writing style and the story--actually a series of stories from his life--are engaging.

One of the themes that really stuck with me was the idea of pursuit vs. construction.  The idea is that we become overly attached and defensive of things we've built.  If we build relationships, build organizations, build...well, buildings, we want to own them.  We want them to stay the same. But if we pursue relationships, pursue community, pursue whatever God is doing and allow Him to provide the tools, it creates a whole different paradigm.

The other thing I enjoyed about the book was the context in which I got to read it.  The weather has  been gorgeous and most of the book was read in my new porch swing outside.  The cool spring weather and a soundtrack of birds was a luxury!

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tony said...

You can't see it, but I'm smiling right now. Thank you Cathy. You are the first person to comment on the "Pursuit vs. Construction" idea.

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