Why resurrection matters...

I have to admit it didn't feel a lot like Easter this year to me. Maybe because we didn't really plan anything.

But somehow I woke in the middle of the night tonight thinking about what a big deal resurrection is. How death being reversed--even once--matters.

Because you see...if something as big as death can be overturned, then other things become possible too...

Good can triumph over evil.

Health can overtake illness.

Freedom can come for slaves.

Wealth can come to the poor.

Joy can come to broken hearts.

Peace can come for the grieving.

Beauty can come to those in ashes.

Hope can come to those who have given up.
Singing can come to abandoned places.

Our soul longs for the power of the fairy tale because somewhere deep inside we've been told it is true. What a big deal that the resurrection isn't simply a myth in time, but a pattern of things that are happening now in a way that escalates like yeast moving through bread.

Easter changes everything.

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