Feeding Giraffes

Wednesday I took a random PTO day to hang out with my friend Anna, who I used to share life with in Panama. We've stayed connected in all the years since. Anna--whose home base is now Denver--said she was tired of driving and wanted to walk while in Dallas, so we went to the zoo.  Her kids, Jennifer and Hector, were also on board.

We enjoyed penguins, elephants, gorillas and a freakish cheetah who looked like he was seriously contemplating getting free and eating us.
One of the things about the "Giants of the Savannah" section in the Dallas Zoo is that the platform to see the giraffes is at the giraffe's head height--so you get to see their faces and look them in their beautiful eyes.  Not only that, but for $5 they sell greens you can feed to them. It was an amazing experience.

My friend, Elsa-the-Poet, once asked me what my favorite animal was and I answered "giraffe."  Then she asked me why I love them.  I answered that they are beautiful, gentle and incredibly unique, but that the thing I liked most is that they reveal the incredible imagination of God.

Then Elsa told me that the reason she asked in the first place was because my answer and the qualities I associated with it were a reflection of myself.

So, in my heart, I'm a giraffe.  Who knew?

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