On mentors...

The best mentors start with wherever you are, and help you get where you want to go. (Often when you didn't realize you actually wanted to go there.) And so I started thinking about people who have helped me in my direction...

  • Like my parents...who made me think I could grow up to be anything.
  • Rene Killmer--who taught me how to sing.
  • The Gillhams...who taught me to know grace.
  • The US Army...who taught me that things can be okay--even when totally out of your control.
  • John Hutchison...who taught me I was loved.
  • My kids....who inspired me to have fun.
  • Debbie Handler...who modeled servant leadership.
  • My current boss...who taught me about purpose-driven decisions.
  • Robin-the-Artist...who introduced me to paper, ink and watercolor crayons.
  • Mike with ArtLoveMagic....who taught me how to scribe.
  • Heather-the-Hippie-Chick...who taught me to relax.
  • Jenny-the-Yoga-Lifeguard who taught me to breathe.
Who helped you get to where you are?


Julie said...

You ... you helped me to realize all of the fun things with social media and have given me a creativity outlet.

Cathy_H said...

Awww...Julie! That's awesome.

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