Waiting to inhale...

I started my reading this weekend for my yoga adventure with The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar.

One of the things that is overwhelming to me is how everything in yoga is tied to the breath--something that has been a struggle for me since I was a kid.  With asthma and inhalers in the picture, it is actually a little intimidating--more so than being a size 14 and attempting sirsasana. (Headstand)

I can't help but think that there is something significant in being drawn to a practice that is mostly about breathing--especially since so much of my life has been a quest to get free from the pharmaceuticals.  (In case you are wondering, Advair...while a miracle drug...is close to a car payment each month.)

So in addition to reading, it looks like I should invest my next six months before beginning the advanced studies program in practicing pranayama (breathing exercises).  Luckily, there's an app for that. (Actually not kidding.)

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