When I was in Omaha last summer for meetings, the architect hosting invited us to a place called HotShops.  There I became so caught up in conversation with a fused glass artist named, Gerry Klein, that I missed my ride home and she graciously took me back to the hotel.  That night, Gerry was placing art in boxes about the size of a pack of cigarettes.  She told me they were for a project called Artomat which reclaims old cigarette machines and transforms them into vending machines for art. Gerry was working on two projects for the Artomat--one of which I purchased and wore as a necklace.

This Saturday, on date night, John and I made a stop by the Whole Foods on Greenville avenue to pick up something when we came across an Artomat.  I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  Not only that, but Gerry's work was in the very Artomat I'd run across--even though there are hundreds of artists in the project.

Excitedly, I put in my $5 and then tried to figure out what to choose.  In the end, I selected postage stamp earrings by Crye's Creations. (Which I adore.)

Even the box it came out in was art. Decorated by stamping, it was a lovely surprise to open it and unwrap the tissue paper to discover the most fun and artistic earrings inside made from polish postage stamps.

The whole experience of running across beautiful original art for an affordable price thrilled me.  I can't wait to stop by and do it again!

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