RDFL Vegan Style

So with our new vegan lifestyle, some of our usual activities like RDFL presented a challenge.

Note: If you are new to the blog, RDFL stands for "The Rent's Due Free Lunch" where we feed anywhere from 15 - 25 people on the first Sunday of the month--something that started as an idea in a conversation with friends and is now a "thing."

So after much thought, we came up with: "Pimp Your Potato Vegan Style." 

We set up the potato bar with a variety of options. Then I hung cheat sheets above it so people could "see" the options without searching in vain for sour cream, bacon or butter.

These were the options:

Aloo Chole - Garbanzo bean red curry topping
Mushrooms & Brown Gravy
Mediterranean - spinach, tomatoes, olives, onions, roasted red pepper with either basalmic vinegar or tahini dressing
Hearty - kidney beans, broccoli, tahini dressing.

  • I also did a vegan remix of my normal easy-breezy cobbler (which people seemed to love).  I'll post that recipe tomorrow. 

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Happy said...

oh my gosh, PLEASE can i come over and have a Mediterranean baked potato? Please?! :)

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