Update on Pepper

Pepper has been such a great addition to our family.  She's very attached to John and I and always wants to be wherever we are.  I think it is particularly cute that she likes being at my feet--whether I am cooking, reading, or even sleeping. (In fact, she's under my chair right now as I type this.)

We've never had an Aussie before so it has been interesting to learn the breed.  She is super possessive, so we've had to work with her to let her know she can't bully the other dogs to keep them away from food, treats or attention. We knew that Aussies were working dogs and that we would need to task her with jobs in the house.  Her favorite is to make sure the squirrels don't steal all the bird food.  She also likes accompanying John on disc golf adventures.

Bethany's dog, Mia, and Pepper are the best of friends and wrestle, run and nap together whenever she is here. In fact, one day when Mia didn't come over, Pepper kept running up to me--I thought to let her outside, but as it turns out she just really really wanted to play. I think that resulted in taking her on a trip to Petsmart so she could watch doggie TV (translation: the window by the doggie daycare).

I'm so delighted to have Pepper and am very grateful the people whose dog had the puppies listed her on Craigslist. She's quite a joy.

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D Herrod said...

She is adorable.

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