The Woman at Starbucks

The Starbucks near my office has the worst traffic situation ever.  It is on a very small site near a major intersection--where the drive-thru is very popular.  If you do ever decide to park and go in, chances are you won't be able to leave the lot for hours since the line doubles around the building blocking any hope of escape.

There are two entrances to the lot with no clear idea of who is really in line.  I usually go in through the entrance with more margin, where you aren't stuck in the lane that backs up traffic onto the street.

Last week, as I pulled in there was a woman in a large vehicle with a Mini behind her pulling in through the "bad entrance".  I stopped the line and waved her in so that the Mini wouldn't be stuck on the street.   A few moments later unaware of my generosity, the Mini honked impatiently at me when I didn't move immediately with the line when it inched forward. (Which annoyed me.)

When I got to the window to pay my order the barista said, "No charge.  The woman in the SUV said to tell you thank you for letting her in line."

Amazing how acts of appreciation and kindness can color a day.

Thank you, woman at Starbucks for being extraordinary.

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