Kazoo crossed over the rainbow bridge

I don't know how the idea of a rainbow bridge started among sugar glider pet owners. It is the kind way of describing death.

Yesterday morning at 5am, I woke to find Kazoo in the floor of his cage barely moving and very cold.  His tail--usually so expressive--was a straight line. So John and I held him and tried to get him warm.  He licked John's hand as John transferred him to mine. I sat in our big chair with him cuddled to my heart, then an hour later he made some odd noises and died in my hands.  I feel grateful that he didn't die by himself.

We showed him to Kayla, so she would know.  She smelled him all over, then stepped back. I think it was strange to both of us to see our little animated and crazy Kazoo so permanently asleep.

John and I wrapped him in a washrag and buried him in our backyard. 

I can't help but feel sad.  We will miss him.

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sorry for the loss of your little friend.

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