An observation in etymology

Have you ever noticed that the word spirit is in the word respiratory?  In Spanish, the verb to breathe is respirar from the Latin root spirtius which means breath.  In Greek the word for spirit is pneuma. (You might notice the link to the English pneumonia.) And in Hebrew the word neshama is both breath and spirit.

It is as if the thought of God breathing life into man is so ancient that it is captured in our very language.

Yoga focuses on prana. Prana is respiration--but more than that.  It is intricately linked to the life force energy that animates all of us.  How interesting that the idea of "God-breathed" is a foundational concept--one that shows up in the most varied of places.

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AngelaLynne said...

A breath of fresh air ... God-breathed. He gives life and he INSPIRES as well. That's another word for your "spirit" study. Thanks for this wonderfully fresh post. God is good.

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