The Steampunk Shelves

John and I love the steampunk style.  It has a way of capturing the imagination.

If the concept of steampunk is new to you, it is a mixture of old world and technology. Think the Captain's Ship in Stardust, Warehouse 13 or anything by HG Wells.

This shelf--elegant in its simplicity--is simply copper pipe from the hardware store anchored to the wall with plumbing hardware.

It was a perfect addition to John's office (along with the framed 1950's framed pulp fiction sci-fi covers.)  This shelf is only phase 1 of the "steampunk shelves."  The rest of the design will carry over the door and around the room.  Stay tuned...


UPDATE:  The next phase of the shelves is finished.  Check out the how to:

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Kathryn said...

Luther and I LOVE your steampunk shelves!!!

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