My Week as a Trophy Wife | Recap

One of the things I learned during "my week as" this year is that a week all about yourself is oddly unsatisfying.

Shopping, spas, and gourmet food (I test drove a ton of great restaurants this week) is fun, but not quite as enjoyable as I thought it would be.  Of all of the days, by far the most meaningful was the one spent with Elsa-the-Poet.

I was reminded of a quote by Rachel Held Evans..."One thing we have in common is the fact that a self-centered life is ultimately unfulfilling. We are not deep enough for it. We use ourselves up and then wear ourselves out clawing at the bottom of an empty well for more.

What we really need is community. We need other people’s sorrows, other people’s joys, other people’s needs, other people’s contributions. And we need these things no matter how many goals we achieve or how much money we make. The source of true joy is available to all, at any time, regardless of status or station."

Okay, so lesson learned. Time to start thinking about next year...

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