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One of the things about a vegan-lifestyle is that it goes beyond the food that you eat to the clothing that you wear and the products you use in your household.

And while I'm still not 100% there yet, I am beginning to make conscious choices to find products that don't rely on animals to produce.

I recently went on a quest to find a "vegan" purse and the exercise was much harder than I ever dreamed.  For one thing, purses are typically leather in the first place because of durability.  It is hard to find cloth purses that stand up to wear and tear.  Vinyl is an option--but fashion-wise the the purses still tend to "look" like leather.

In my "quest" I found that the best selections were at import stores or boutique shops.  Etsy also provided a great selection of handmade vegan bags. (More fashionable, but at a much higher price point.)  World Market had great selections but in the end I chose one from a small import store in Denton called "Juliet's Jewels." The base is plastic--for durability--with some really nice handwork on the exterior, and it was small ( a major selling point for me.)


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Hippie Chick Living said...

That's funny that your mentioning shopping for a vegan purse because I have been searching for the last week or so for one.

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