Moments in time...

I ran across this picture from 1995.  Back when we were a family with small children.  

Chase was 7 and Bethany was 3. I was working for educational consultants that officed out of the preschool Bethany attended and I got to see Chase every day as he got off the school bus and came into my office.  John was working for an a/v consultant and we lived in our starter home. (And WHAT was going on with my hair???)

These snapshots of moments in time capture where we were.  What is more intriguing is what hasn't changed.  That Chase is still adventurous. That Bethany still cares deeply. That John and I are still sharing the day-to-day together.

Old photographs are an awesome way to remind us of growth and change. That every phase has it's joys and sorrows. (I believe we were at a funeral that day.) And that the constants are beautifully amazing.

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