Peace...or a lack thereof

I went to a yoga retreat this weekend that was all about being present.

We stayed in a literal cottage...(porch with rocking chairs and a red door...the whole bit.) The time was spent in a mix of yoga, meditation, vegan food and simply hanging out and talking.  I loved it.

I'm always amazed at how good I feel practicing yoga.  And it goes beyond the physical.  The relaxation experienced isn't easy to articulate; and three days spent in that state is a luxury.   As we drove back, the closer I got to the city the tighter my shoulders became.  And by the time I had hugged John and finished telling him about the retreat I found I was in a full fledged panic thinking about the next week and everything I'm supposed to get done.

And while my mind can see that logically, nothing has changed between 10am this morning and 5pm this evening, I still feel tense.

Typically, I can handle fast-paced chaos.  Not only that, but I have the capacity to thrive in that environment.  One of the things that has surprised me about yoga is to learn that I prefer peace.

Part of the aim of yoga is to be able to carry the peace into the chaos so that external circumstances don't define the inner world.

I suspect I'm going to have to log a lot more hours on the mat to pull it off.

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