What if we are the limiter?

Most of us have obstacles to our dreams.  We typically frame it in terms of a lack of something.  A lack of time, cash, cooperation, support...so we shift the focus from our dream to getting the things we think are missing.

And I'm pretty sure there is a problem with that.

I once heard Erwin McManus say that "God has given you everything at your fingertips to accomplish exactly what He has for you to accomplish and to give you exactly the experience you need." (That's a paraphrase. I hope I captured the thought right.)

If we have God-inspired dreams in our hearts. (And I believe we do.) Then if they are seemingly impossible, it is because either we are defining the dream in a way that God never intended or that we don't have the creative capacity to see all of the possibilities of how that dream might play itself out. In fact, it might be that we get so focused on our own narrow interpretation, that we become blind to the paths forward--which may be many.

What if instead of focusing on what we would do if there were no obstacles, we focused on what is possible with the things we have in our hands? What the dream might look like in different formations... What if instead of locking God in a box of how things "should be" we released ourselves to see the joy in our gifts as they are and began to explore that.

I believe that when we do, wonderful things can happen.

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